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What you don’t know about positivity!

What is positivity?

Positivity refers to the frequent flow of pleasant thoughts and emotions in our daily lives.

3 to 1 ratio
Our minds are overwhelmed by thoughts. These thoughts govern our actions and attitudes. Thoughts could be positive or negative. The more frequent positive thoughts there are, the more you approach positivity. It said that to be considered totally positive, the negative must be dwarfed to a ratio of 1 to 3 of positive thoughts. This is because you can’t exterminate negative thoughts totally but what you can do is to marginalize their presence in your thoughts.

Negative VRs positive
As we think, thoughts could be negative or negative. There’s therefore the constant between negative and positive. The victor determines a huge part of our lives. But this isn’t just an automated activity, we have a choice. What we decide to think and dwell upon increases and eventually dominates our thoughts and affects our lives.

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From the caveman…
If you were to see a tiger or lion on your way, I’d bet the first thing you’ll do is to consider running. Our minds are biased when it comes to emotions. When we are faced with a threat, we immediately redraw to our hard wired thoughts which are oftentimes negative and in the case of the lion, fear which triggers or desire to run. We may not find lions and tigers in our everyday life but we do face threats, and what do we do when we are faced with them? We run! We don’t even have the mind to logically consider our options. This is the problem when we dwell so much on negative thoughts in our lives. We miss the opportunities in the little threats we face in life. Tim Ferris makes a good point about this in his book, “The obstacle is the way”

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The concept of positivity is a mind-blowing one when it comes to self-improvement, becoming successful and living a happy.

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.”
– Bo Bennett

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