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[Must Read] Top motivational quotes by EBO The Inspirationist

EBO Is a Ghanaian speaker who has taken a strong passion is motivating everyone around him. Here are his top quotes to inspire you… “I’ll never expire because I always inspire” he says

1. Where you live doesn’t really matter, but how you live: It is so unfortunate that many people think they are who they are because of where they live. You might be from a rich home, a nice family but you still live poor or behave uncultured. Our success doesn’t come from where we live but how we live.


2. Your path might seem odd, but trust God: God made you unique in His own way. Being who you are and not wishing to be someone else, is the assured means of becoming what you’re born to become.


3. Grow up to grow others up: Each one was created for someone, so as God promotes us in life, we have to also seek the wellbeing of others.


4. Whatever has left you, isn’t qualified enough to be part of you. Move on!: oh yeah! You’re too great to be worried about your past and what has left you. Anything that goes out of your life gives space for something better to come in.


5. God will fall His dew, when the time is due: It is very necessary to understand that, God will always answer your prayers when it is your turn.

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6. God never created anyone perfect. Being good is perfect but waiting to be perfect is not good: Bible said, and the Lord saw that everything He had done was very good. No one is perfect and don’t wait to be perfect to start something. Make mistakes and grow in them.

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7. Give gratitude to people who have good attitude: It is rather unfortunate that we act towards people anyhow. It should be part of us to really appreciate the good things done in our lives.


8. The best way to be grateful to God, is to use that which He has given you to its maximum: What you have is someone’s greatest prayer request, instead of being ungrateful, just do it to it maximum as an appreciation to God.


9. Don’t say what you want to do, do what you want to say: It is key that you might either fail or forget to do what you say, but very difficult to forget what you did. And besides people trust works and not just words. So always make sure to do it before you say it.


10. Do it with passion and not for fashion: Passion will make you fight for what you want even when it seems you’re not getting it; with fashion you will easily quit once the outcome isn’t positive.


11. With the person you would want to be tomorrow, consider the person you are today: If you want to be great tomorrow, then you’ve got to start thinking big and planning big today. Setting targets that will ensure or carry you to your future.

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12. When things go wrong, don’t go wrong: People become the problem when they go through problems. You became a drunkard just because you wanted to use that to reduce your pain, you became a prostitute just because something bad happened to you. The problem will leave you and you’ve turned into a problem, either to your family, society or to your own self.

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13. Your problem becomes broader when you bother: Yes, if you behave like you don’t have a problem, the problem doesn’t affect you. But once you let it worry you, it eats you up.


14. All things exist because God preexist: Tell me one thing that exists on this surface of the earth without God’s doing, and ahma tell you that God was the creator.


15. Pray lest you fall a prey to the devil: The devil is seeking whom to devour, and as believers it is only prayer that can deter our enemies from coming close to us.


16. Never let your dreams in life remain a dream: ensure that your dreams come into reality.


17. You can cope with life, if you have hope in Christ: What life shows you isn’t your worry because you trust the one you lean on.

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18. How far you think it that length you go: Once you’re able to think differently and act upon it to get a good result, it denies you from retrogressing.


19. God will answer your needs when you go on your knees: It is so unfortunate that people want God to do everything they need in their life without asking for it. Show interest in what you’re asking for and it will be given to you.

EBO has inspired many people into massive action and success. I hope this collection was beneficial to you. Kindly share with me in the comments section your favorite one.

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