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5 tips and strategies to get straight As.

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Straight A students are usually the stars of the class when it comes to results. They are admired by all and inspire others to do more in their study. Sometimes they are made to seem like super heroes when the course teachers speak about them. We may be tempted to think the are just natural. But when we take a closer look, straight A students have routines and habits which allow them to understand and absorb much more than others do. Let’s find them out.

1. Know yourself, have a good self-awareness
I have come to accept study as a personalized thing. Though certain things work better for more people, combinations of study habits and routines are things we create for our convenience and maximum benefit. So the time, place, style, what to start with, should I study with music in my ears and all that stuff are things we choose personally. The best combination can only be created once you know yourself, what works and what does not work for you.

2. Be disciplined and organized
Knowing yourself isn’t just enough. Having a good day plan or to-do list is not enough. If you are not disciplined and organized enough, you won’t be able to follow what you know is good for you. Part of being disciplined is doing what has to be done, at the right time and place for your maximum benefit. You may not feel like it, but you have to do it. You may have all the excuses in the world to skip this one time but with discipline you won’t yield to excuses.

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3. Have goals
With goals, a destination is well defined. Once you know where you are going, you will be able to follow a road-map you set yourself. So if you want to write that essay. You could put it into small goals like do research on this day at this time, write and outline for the essay at another time and write the various bits too at your chosen time. This will allow you to flow productively without knowing you are getting much work done.

4. Stay focused
Whether you are on campus or stay at home. You have your own set of distractions and things constantly taking your focus off your books and studies. Being organized, disciplined and goal oriented will allow you to stay focused on what needs to be done after which you can feed your distractions.

5. Have a study group or group of friends you consult and discuss stuff with
Study groups can be a great way to assess your level of knowledge, learn new things while you bond and have a nice time with friends. Sometimes, you simply can’t learn it all. Having a group of friends, you can ask questions or ask them to find some information for you is a great way to learning fast. For all you know, they have had enough understanding already which they can easily explain to you. All this can be done in ways suitable to you while the lecture or class room may be more generic.

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Bonus Tip: Assess your knowledge
While you study, stay disciplined and organized you’ll definitely learn a lot along the way. But you won’t be able to know what exactly you grasp well and what you don’t. You need to have a way of assessing yourself. Perhaps through your goals, perhaps personal tests or having a friend ask you questions. These all go to help you recover bits of information and knowing what you have studied isn’t forgotten.

These are great ways to start out. But don’t go about them in a systematic way. Know yourself and use these few tricks and strategies to draw your own study plan. All the best, go make those As.

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